Stop struggling with uncomfortable feeding positions leading to baby reflux and post-partum backpain

introducing Butterfly Nursing Pillow

butterfly nursing pillowThis specially engineered pillow with butterfly design creates the right angle for feeding and helps with a perfect breastfeeding latch.

Backed by science, Recommended by doctors and Loved by moms.

butterfly nursing pillow

Avoid Post Partum BackPain

Every feeding mother is going to experience back pain after childbirth and doctors have found the most common cause is due to improper breastfeeding posture.

Fortunately, this pillow is here to Save your health and SAVE 100s of dollars on chiropractor visits.

Right Feeding Angle Prevents Baby Reflux

Feeding on a flat level can lead to choking and overflowing of the milk.

This pillow creates the right angle that is required for easy swallowing and gives both the mother and baby the Perfect Breastfeeding latch.

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Recommended by Doctors


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